February 18, 2011

My Experience with Drive Thru HR

Today I had the fascinating experience of being interviewed for Drive Thru HR with William Tincup and Bryan Wempen. When I was first approached to be a part of this show, I was instantly honored, and then just as instantly terrified...lol! For most of you that know me, I have an opinion on EVERYTHING!! Sometimes, extremely strong opinions. Not wanting to come across as controversial, I wanted to talk about something that was interesting and interactive. Lots of thoughts came to mind...do I speak on competencies and their importance, discuss my current experience and issues going through developing an affirmative action plan, or do I speak about the lack of engagement and support of executives for HR initiatives? All of those are great subjects but would they truly be engaging?

As the days ticked down, I started thinking more and more on what my platform would be and I started to worry about whether or not I would find a subject that would give me enough subject matter to take up 30 minutes of air time. I shouldn't have worried though. Bryan and William are engaging enough and they have a talent for asking thought provoking, probing questions that keep the narrative flowing.

So, what topic did I decide to base my foray into radio on, you ask? I didn't. I went in cold. I decided (or rather, my LACK of decision decided) to just wing it and talk about whatever came up. I guess I'm just spontaneous that way. Besides, it's a beautiful Friday here, I'm in a good mood, I was feeling powerful and motivated, and lively, so I figured, what the heck? The worse that could have happeneded was that I could have fallen flat on my face and failed, but then that just would have given me something else to write about here, right? So...all good either way.

If you listened, then you already know how it went. I talked about me, my passion for HR, my committment to the profession, of engaging others in the profession, of giving back to the community and making HR a sustainable career choice, my hatred (ok...maybe that's a strong word) of affirmative action, the lack of networking in the minority circles...blah, blah, blah. If you didn't listen, shame on you! You missed out!

Ah...but you don't have to fret, mon cherie! Just click on this link and get an earful. You'll be glad you did...


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