December 28, 2010

Director - HR Shared Services (Northern New Jersey)

Posting on behalf of somebody in my network...

My name is Jane Welton. I am currently looking for a Director of Human Resources Shared Services for a medical company located in North Jersey. The idea candidate will have proven leadership experience in managing compensation, benefits design and administration. Effective leadership with respect to Total Rewards management, total cash design and executive compensation. Demonstrated leadership ability, effective presentation and written communication skills and a track record for developing effective partnerships with business and financial leaders. Fundamental understanding of employee benefit design, H R information systems and overall HR administrative practices . Bachelors degree in Business Manage, Finance or equivalent. Compensation range is $140 to $160 with 43% bonus, growth opportunity. If interested, please forward your resume to j-welton@msn or give me a call at 908-927-0998 discuss further. If not, ,please feel free to pass this information along to anyone that you may know.

Look forward to you reply

Jane Welton
JW & Associates

The New VP of Communication - NAAAHR, Tampa Bay Chapter

As of January 1st, 2011 I will be taking over as the new VP of Communication for the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources - Tampa Bay Chapter. This is truly an honor but also has my stomach in knots at the very thought of the expectations and responsibilities involved in this role. It seems almost like a dream the way this all played out...almost in hyper-drive, going from not even being a member of this phenomenal organization to now playing an integral role on their Board of Directors.

I remember when I was first introduced to NAAAHR. It was in September of 2008. A girlfriend of mine told me about a study group that she was had just signed up for to prepare to take her SPHR exam. I had always thought of getting mine certification, since I have been in HR for the past 13 years at this point. I had just never jumped out the window and did it. So, when my friend told me that she was going to this study group, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and that there was really no time like the present, so I signed up.

The class was 14 weeks long and I was two weeks behind by the time I got started. The study group was long, tenuous but worthwhile and definitely necessary. The biggest thing that I think I took away from the class (besides my certification, which I passed!) was a network of HR professionals who not only understood the demands and pressures of working in HR but also the unique obstacles that african americans may face in the corporate world. This was certainly a group of individuals that I knew I would be connected to for quite a long time. Over two years later, I am happy to report that I am closer to some of these members that I have ever been to anybody else in my career. I have carved friendships that will last a lifetime and networks that intersect my personal and professional lives in ways that I could never imagine.

Being a recent transplant to the Tampa Bay area about a year and a half prior to starting the study group, I knew that I needed to join organizations that would allow me to better network and advance my career. I immediately joined larger, more recognized associations for the HR professions but was extremely hesitant about joining such a small, niche organizations. These associations' fees are not cheap (anywhere from $125 - $250/year) so I analyze the cost/benefits to determine if the expense is worth the reward. Initially, I will be honest, I did not believe that joining such an organization as NAAAHR would net me the reward I was seeking that could possibly justify paying the yearly fee of $125.

But, because the bi-monthly meetings were free, I decided to check some of them out. Over time, I got to know the other members better and built connections with them. I learned more about the organization, their goals and ambitions, and how they planned to help progress the HR profession and I must say, that I eventually became hooked. Their passion and excitement about the organization and the profession was infectious! You couldn't help but want to be involved in this organization after speaking with members and hearing their stories.

So, two years later, at a financial seminar hosted by NAAAHR, I got to talking to some of the members. A discussion ensued surrounding the future plans of the organization and how they were in transition as this was the final year for the current board and they were making plans to nominate new board members. In speaking with this group, we all got to talking about our stories and how we got involved in HR and what we wanted to do with our careers. I explained how I really wanted to give back to the profession and nurture future HR professional coming up in the field. This sparked a conversation about the S/PHR certification classes. I learned that we had a 96% pass rate in our certification class and that the rate stayed steady over the two years since I took my certification exam. But, I also learned that there was nobody to lead the future classes and that the fear was that they would have to do away with the classes. I was mortified! If it was not for NAAAHR and the knowledge that I gained from them during my study group classes, I don't know when I would have received my certification. I told them that we needed to keep the classes going and asked how I could help. That conversation led to me volunteering to the the Chair of the Certification Committee for NAAAHR, which ultimately, led to my membership in the association, which led to my nomination for the VP of Communications position when the old VP stepped down...all in a time span of 3 months!

Now, as I sit here and write this, I am one week out from taking over my post. I am preparing for our Strategic Planning meeting on Wednesday and brainstorming marketing plans for our certification classes. I am excited and honored to be part of such an amazing organization but I am also humbled and anxious about my ability to live up to the needs and expectations of this organization. I know that we can do great things and become a premier HR organization but we are only as good as our leaders. I can not let my profession or this organization. I have a tall order to live up to but I know we can and will be successful. I have the backing of a powerful group of HR professionals behind me. They will not let me fail and I will not allow myself to fail.

To success!

December 16, 2010

Rachel Salley's Resume

Rachel salley, SPHR

Contact No. (609) 851-0370



Accomplished HR professional with proven success and senior-level experience in the areas of HR strategic planning, organizational development and training, HR technology, recruiting and retention, succession planning, benefits and compensation administration, legal compliance, induction, compensation analysis and initiatives, metrics and reporting, and employee relations.

April 2010 – present
Valet Waste
  • Consulted with mid-size Consumer Services company to provide strategic organizational planning, compliance and implementation.
  • Conducted audits of HR documentation to ensure compliance with federal agency rules and regulations; Consulted with management to facilitate understanding of state and federal HR requirements; Provided training and support to organization surrounding on-going compliance efforts.
  • Audited, reviewed, and updated workplace, employee and management policies, handbooks and forms; Provided change management support and implementation of organizational objectives across corporate footprint.
  • Managed and provided guidance in the performance management process. Redeveloped performance management system by designing and implementing 360 degree informational approach.
  • Partnered with CEO and organizational VPs on strategic vision and goals for organization, including civic and community responsibility, social media exposure, organizational structure, team building/motivational efforts, and ongoing plans surrounding future growth.
  • Managed the development and implementation of recruitment processes and work flows, coached and mentored field contacts (HR, business, and/or hiring managers) in designated business unit(s) to ensure compliance with defined processes, personal effectiveness, and alignment of organizational values.
April 2007 – October 2009
Idearc Media (TAC Worldwide)
  • Created and implemented employee incentive and recognition programs, which resulted in 27% average annual retention.
  • Managed efforts to restructure compensation strategy based on benchmarking analysis. Conducted job analysis and evaluation to determine appropriate position competencies and requirements and assign fair market value.
  • Conducted thorough Job Analysis to determine appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) for each position; Revised Job Descriptions based on these findings, ceasing pending EEO audit sanctions.
  • Investigated employee relation issues in a timely manner and provided appropriate resolution in compliance with employment law guidelines; saved company over $1.5m in potential litigation claims.
  • Developed and implemented standard exit interview procedures for purposes of gathering turnover trends; based on resulting information, implemented retention strategies which resulted in additional 12% decrease in retention.
  • Administered benefit programs; communicated benefit information organization-wide; negotiated benefit packages, ensuring cost savings to organization while providing optimal benefits to employees.
  • Managed and provided guidance in the performance management process. Redeveloped performance management system by designing and implementing 360 degree informational approach.
March 2006 – April 2007
  • Served and supported metric driven, multi-site/state locations; and business units from remote and on-site capacities globally. Experienced in servicing start-ups, SME and large corporations.
  • Strategic business partner for organizational planning to ensure that HR services meet objectives; are consistent with market best practices; and comply with legal requirements.
  • Applied fundamental business and HR concepts to a wide range of HR Generalist services; served as an internal consultant to department constituencies regarding application of all aspects of Human Resources to include initial point of advice; problem resolution and facilitation; corrective action and performance improvement plans.
  • Worked with management to evaluate organizational design; work assignments; and staffing levels. Assisted management with appropriate department structure. Supported the development of appropriate job descriptions. Consulted on flexible work arrangements.
  • Developed and gained working knowledge of assigned departments to assist in the initial creation of career paths for employees; and worked with management to develop cross training and temporary special assignment opportunities for employees.
  • Led staffing engagements that align talent/recruitment management objectives with organizational goals and provide positive operational outcomes for all staffing levels. Led client engagements that aligned objectives with goals and provided positive operational outcomes. Managed the development and implementation of strategic processes and procedures; and analyzed procedures to assess their efficiency.
  • Directed key employee identification initiatives; compiled and distributed ATS and HRIS report data; led performance management and staff induction activities; and coordinated reward and recognition programs.
  • Negotiated vendor and contingent labor management agreements; launched employee marketing and corporate branding campaigns (including writing and designing effective promotional materials); managed university and community relations.
  • Provided guidance to staff and managers on performance interventions and other performance related issues.
  • Designed and deployed the work of multiple projects engaged in the establishment and implementation of new strategic processes for Human Resources and assigned departments.
September 2004 – March 2006
IndyMac Bank (AppleOne)
  • Oversaw northeast HR operations within the mortgage and retail banking division.
  • Partnered with operational managers and supervisors regarding staffing budgets, capacity and facility planning and execution, organizational development, employee relations, coaching, team building and communications.
  • Utilized recruiting resources including but not limited to cold calling, internet research, networking, job fair events, professional and industry associations and organizations, college and university career fairs, employee and alumni referrals, and alternative vendor resources.
  • Simplified sales and operations employment process and agreements, eliminating time consuming negotiations to quickly fill critical positions. Modified compensation plans, implementing pay for performance model using incentives and bonus to motivate performance while reducing base pay salaries.
  • Managed the development and implementation of recruitment processes and work flows, coached and mentored field contacts (HR, business, and/or hiring managers) in designated business unit(s) to ensure compliance with defined processes, personal effectiveness, and alignment.
  • Audited and reviewed workplace, employee and management policies, handbooks and forms. Designed, developed, and implemented updated policies, handbooks, and forms.
  • Ensured yearly compliance requirements of Affirmative Action Plan /EEO-1 records. Conducted workforce surveys; and audited recruitment metrics, including employee placement, termination, and transfer activities.
June 2003 – April 2004
Adecco (Recruitment/Operations)
  • Managed on-site contingent labor staffing needs for an average headcount of 230, including but not limited to enhanced recruiting, training, recognition, and retention programs to ensure optimum customer service.
  • Implemented orientation program for temporaries, which incorporated client's policies. Monitored and addressed personnel issues and concerns quickly and effectively included counseling employees to more effectively meet productivity and quality goals.
  • Anticipated needs of client and monitored profitability of clients account. Managed monthly tracking reports based on Quality Performance results or other determined criteria.
  • Managed all elements of ongoing account management and developing excellent relationships across various industries.
  • Outperformed customer expectations. Maintained profitable business operations and implemented promotional & marketing strategies. Managed multiple tactical activities and project time lines within competitive, deadline-driven environments.
  • Used effective communication approaches that included proactively keeping others informed, resolving client issues, and appropriately expressing ideas verbally, in written form, and timeliness.
  • Participated in the development of ongoing creative and cost-effective sourcing strategies. Coordinated and marketed various client/company sponsored events and campaigns.
June 1999 – November 2001
Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Delivered group and individual instruction and training covering a range of technical, operational, and management areas.
  • Developed training curricula and recommended or utilized vendor programs that met instructional goals and objectives.
  • Formulated training outlines and determined instructional methods, utilizing knowledge of specified training needs and effectiveness of such methods as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstrations, conferences, meetings, and workshops.
  • Selected training aids, including training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference works.
  • Coordinated or performed administrative functions necessary to deliver and document training programs.
  • Evaluated effectiveness of training and development programs and utilized relevant evaluation data to revise or recommend changes in instructional objectives and methods.
  • Key player in the analysis and selection of a learning management system (LMS) that resulted in a 60% increase to organizational productivity and efficiency, and a 33% ROI.
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Phoenix
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet research expertise, Web 2.0, HRIS and ATS experience including ADP, PeopleSoft, ORACLE, SAP, Taleo, First Advantage, Hodes IQ, Peopleclick, OpenHire, Lawson, Fieldglass, and Ceridian.