January 2, 2010

Am I Having an Identity Crisis?

As we begin a new decade and a new year, I have begun to really think a lot more about my future and the future of my brand, CareerAnarchy. I had been thinking about the effectiveness of my brand for a while but it really wasn't until Shauna Moerke, the HR Minion talked about how she questioned the validity and effectiveness of her brand and moniker on the most recent HR Happy Hour, that I actually realized what has been bothering me these past 6 months. I am having an identity crisis! Shauna commented that she sometimes felt as if her brand didn't accurately represent her and that if often made it appear as if she was less qualified that she actually is. While I personally love HR Minion and what Shauna has done with her brand, I can definitely relate to her concerns.

When I started CareerAnarchy and dubbed myself the CareerAnarchist, my goal was to reinvent the way that Human Resources and Job Seekers went about their business. My hope was that CareerAnarchy would be a way for HR professionals, organizations, and job seekers to be more inventive, innovative if you will, in how they decided to conduct their business and their job searchers. I wanted people to break out of their shells and to not follow the status quo. CareerAnarchy was meant to be a guide post for all that is wrong in HR and all that is wrong in the way we seek out our career opportunities, so that we could begin to find new and creative ways to do things.

But, I feel, that in my pursuit of creativity and ingenuity in forming my brand, that I may have alienated some people. I often wonder if the term CareerAnarchy and my personal moniker, CareerAnarchist are too harsh...too volatile. I'm all about love (of HR and career coaching) and not war, but I ponder whether my brand gives people the impression that I am arming for a HR battle, or that I am the adversary to HR. This, my friends, couldn't be further from the truth.

So, as I sit here on the eve of the first night of the new year/decade, I wonder...am I really a CareerAnarchist or something else entirely? Should I reinvent my brand to be more in sync with mainstream corporate HR, or do I, as my brand currently depicts, be the anarchist and smash the status quo?

You decide. Drop me a line and let me know if the anarchist is here to stay!

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