May 12, 2009

Who Says Nobody is Hiring? Nationwide HR Opportunities Abound!!

It would seem as though I am being bombarded with requests to pass on HR opportunities to people who may be looking. It appears that, even in this time of recession, good, ethical, talented, abd motivated HR professionals are hare to find. I am a little shocked by this as I see HR folks out there everyday looking and sending out there resumes in blind hope of landing their next career altering position. As I have said a number of times in the past, I am all about networking and paying it forward. I read somewhere (probably on Twitter) that more than 80% of new hires reported that they received their foot-in-the-door opportunity through networking. If that doesn't speak to the power of career anarchy and doing things differently, then I don't know what does. So, with that spirit in mind, I bring you a list of nationwide HR Opportunities. Good luck!!!

For all positions, qualified applicants should contact

Huntsville, AL
Director of Human Resources
Compensation: Open
Major consulting firm. Looking for someone with 10 years experience in various HR functions including employee relations, recruitment, & OD. Must have a proven track record in developing & managing highly productive leaders. Masters degree a +. Consulting or professional service experience a strong +. ________________________________________________________________________ Washington, DC
Manager of Human Resources
$110-120k + bonus
Professional service experience necessary. 5-8 years generalist experience.
Chicago, IL
Manager of Human Resources
Up to $100k + 10% bonus
Confidential search. Reports to VP of HR. Organizational development & employee relations. Experience in manufacturing. _______________________________________________________________________
Grand Rapids, MI
Manager of Benefits
Up to $130k + 10% bonus
Consulting experience a plus. Vendor relations experience.
Grand Rapids, MI
Manager of Human Resources
$100k + bonus
Fortune 100 corporation. 3-5 years generalist experience. Relo is provided. ________________________________________________________________________
Howell, MI
Manager of Human Resources
$110k + bonus
Financial service company. Reports to VP. Strong employee relations. No relo.
Minneapolis, MN
Director of Leadership Development & Organizational Development
Compensation: Open
10 years experience. Experience in succession planning & learning & development. Fortune 500 retail company.
Raleigh, NC
VP of Compensation & Benefits
Compensation: Open
Tobacco company. Reports to senior VP of HR. 5 direct reports. Must have experience in executive compensation. Work with board. Equity position.
Parsippany, NJ
Director of Human Resources
$150k + bonus
New position. Fortune 500 manufacturing company. 8-10 years experience.
Bay City, TX
Manager of Compensation & Benefits
$134k + 20% bonus
5-8 years experience in compensation & benefits. Full relo.
San Antonio, TX
Director of Human Resources
Compensation: Open
Major consulting firm. Looking for someone with 10 years experience in various HR functions including employee relations, recruitment, & OD. Must have a proven track record in developing & managing highly productive leaders. Masters degree a +. Consulting or professional service experience a strong +.
San Antonio, TX
Manager of Recruiting
Compensation: Open
12-15 years experience. Work force planning. Manage small team of recruiters.
Norfolk, VA
Director of Human Resources
Compensation: Open
Major consulting firm. Looking for someone with 10 years experience in various HR functions including employee relations, recruitment, & OD. Must have a proven track record in developing & managing highly productive leaders. Masters degree a +. Consulting or professional service experience a strong +

HR Generalist II Needed for Polk County!!

I received the below email in regards to an HR Generalist II - Polk County Board of Commissioners Office. As is always my spirit of paying it forward, I thought I would share:

My name is Renee Whitfield and I am the Staffing Manager at the Polk County Board of Commissioners office. We currently have a HR Generalist II position open and I was hoping you might know someone who would be interested in the position. We are looking for a seasoned generalist with at least 5 years working experience and a 4 year college degree.

My contact information is or office phone is (863) 534-6039. Please let me know if you know anyone. Thank you so much for your help and please do not hesitate to reach out to me in the future for assistance.


Regional HR Manager Needed for Florida!!

Regional HR Manager
State of Florida - multi-site
375 employees
25-30% travel

Strengths in:
Employee relations
High non-exempt population
5-7+ years experience
Non-union environment - union knowledge a plus

Please refer anyone you might feel would be great for this position. We are interviewing immediately. Interested applicants can contact me at:

Shari Ratner - Executive Recruiter
Lucas Group
Specializing in Executive Search
In Partnership With The Wall Street Journal
3384 Peachtree Road, Ste 900
Atlanta, GA 30326
P: 404.260.7199

May 7, 2009

HR Manager Needed in the Tampa Bay Area!!!

Because I am an anarchist and believe that all things HR and Job Search related need a new lease on life, especially in this weakened economy, and because I truly believe that networking is king, here is a lead on a new job posting here in the tampa Bay area. Feel free to reach out to the contact person listed, but only if you truly fit the bill. There is nothing worse than blindly submitting your resume in the hopes that the recruiter will be desperate on the day he reviews your resume. But, if you've got the skills and know how to use them...give it a shot. Who knows what could happen? Just let me know of your success. Good luck!!

The Human Resources Manager will be part of the leadership team for our Supply Chain facility with approximately 350 employees. Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
  • Provide active HR leadership and execution in critical business initiatives.
  • Manage frontline roundtable feedback process and other forms of upward feedback.
  • Partner with business leaders to plan and execute leadership development strategies.
  • Effectively present critical HR information to audiences at different levels.
  • Counsel/guide leaders through complex employee relations issues.
  • Investigate/address harassment complaints. ‘Administer internal appeals procedure.
  • Successfully develop and execute proactive union awareness/avoidance strategies.
  • Lead all frontline and leadership staffing initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable labor and employment laws; handle OFCCP audits or other inquiries from regulatory agencies, as needed.


  • 3-6+ years of progressive HR experience, preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent required and a master's degree preferred.
  • PHR Certification Preferred.
  • Strong business acumen and HR leadership experience with a proven track record as an HR business partner.
  • Strong employee relations (building strong relationships with employees and leaders).
  • Proven ability to influence and interact effectively with business leaders.
  • Superior decision-making and client relationship skills.
  • Superior oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to manage expectations of the business and clients.
  • Strong interpersonal counseling and conflict resolution skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to effectively prioritize and multitask.
  • Strong communications skills with all levels of employees ranging from call center employees to senior management. ~ Ability to build programs that support positive employee relations.
Technical systems & special skills:

  • Appropriate federal and state regulations such as EEOC, Title VII laws
  • Union avoidance
  • Experienced in working with Affirmative Action Plans
  • Have worked with and knowledgeable on FLSA, FMLA, ADA, HIPAA etc.
  • Knowledge and experience with benefit programs: 401(k), medical, dental, STD, LTD etc.

All interested and well-qualified candidates can contact me:

L. Chad Dickinson
VP, Business Development
Wade & Associates, Inc.
Executive Search Firm

May 6, 2009

Just When We Finally Start Getting Used to E-Verify...Here Comes NEVA!!

Ok, E-Verify just started and I am already sick of it. It is a hassle and an unbearable waste of time but requirements are requirements. I completely understand Obama's need to tackle the whole immigration reform issue and I applaud his efforts...really, I do. I just wish that he and his administration would make up their minds already. I went through the painful E-Verify "certification" process (ok...maybe not painful, just painfully boring), had the software installed on my computer and was ready to go when I hear there is a new bill being passed before congress called NEVA, the New Employee Verification Act or H.R. 2028. This bill, if approved, will completely replace E-Verify as the preferred (aka mandatory) way to verify new employees as having the legal right to work in the United States. NEVA's major components, per a recent SHRM article, are:

Employers would use the same system that their individual states use to verify workers. This is typically the system that is used by state child support enforcement agencies. The thought is that using the child support system would allow employers to verify both work eligibility and citizenship status quickly and efficiently. Yeah...ok. How's that working for child support enforcement? Hmmm...let me ask the millions of people still waiting on child support from the millions of deadbeat fathers and mothers of the world.

The bill would establish a "voluntary" (I air-quote because anything that the government dictates to be voluntary somehow always seems to turn mandatory) biometrics option that employees can choose to use. This system would allow employers to collect some biometric identification, such as a thumb print (although I can see employers now asking for DNA samples and retinal scans) to assist in establishing identity. Supposedly, the biometrics system would allow employees to use the information scanned to run a background check and prevent the illegal use of fraudulent identification documents. What I want to know is, 1) how much information does the government really need to have out there on us. Can you see Demolition Man being the reality of the future? and 2) who's to say that the biometrics aren't fraudulent to being with? If somebody obtained the documents falsely prior to the biometrics being in place, then how will we know? I'm sure "they" have it all figured out, but inquiring minds want to know.

Supposedly, this legislation would provide safety for employers who correctly used NEVA and still unknowingly hired an illegal. Wow...I am impressed that the government is actually admitting, up front, that there could possibly be flaws to their well-thought out and orchestrated plan. Bravo!!!

One good thing is that if this new process works as it says it should, it will eliminate the need for the I-9 form. One less piece of paper floating around out there in the world is alwasys a good thing.

The new process also would not require employers to re-verify existing employees, which is one step in the right direction for NEVA. E-Verify is a headache in that respect because companies are now required to re-verify all existing workers, which is a time-consuming and costly process. I am all for things that take less time and cost less money, as long as they are effective. The jury is, obviously, still out on the latter.

There are a few other less necessary to know points to the new legislature but I refuse to bore you with minutia. I will just say this...I am all for an easier way to get things done. I love that everybody is also going "green" in the process, although this should have always been the case. I am not against government or policy changes. What I do have a problem with is time wasting...particularly mine. So, message to the government...Get on with it and make up your mind. E-Verify, NEVA, traditional I-9 method, I don't care. Just pick something and stick with it!!