December 16, 2008

Find Opportunity Everywhere...Not Just Online...

An associate of mine (and also my faithful, although sickeningly optimistic SPHR study partner) emailed me today and asked me if I could review and possibly revise her resume.

"Sure", I said with no hesitancy or second thought.

She called me a few hours later to further expound on her request. In this tight economic market, my dear associate and study buddy has two jobs. Her "real" HR job as the Operations Manager for a healthcare company and then her fun part-time job an a wine store. Well, it was while she was at her part-time job, oozing her social butterfly charm and pouring rounds of 3oz. glasses of the latest wine paramour to self-absorbed neo-socialites that she was asked if she liked her job. One of the neo-socialites was spell-bound by my friend's high-energy and ability to simultaneously appropriate bottles of fairly priced but over-prententious wine off the shelves while pouring diminutive servings of visceral liquid, all the while maintaining a positively radiant smile.

So, my friend (she really is fastly becoming a great friend...) tells the customer that the job she is at now is just a part-time gig and that she lives in the real world of HR. Coincidentally, this customer just so happens to be the VP of HR for a large home improvement store and asks my friend if she is interested in outside opportunities. Of course, to this, my friend projects an emphatic "yes". The customer and my friend exchange pleasantries along with their business cards and that is that.

Until my friend realizes that she is not prepared to "network" her way into this job.

"The hard part is over", most of you are probably musing..."she made the contact, now all she has to do is sell it, right?"

Well, yes and no. She has to sell it but just like with most things in life, making the connection is only the beginning. To land the gig, you must present and sell yourself. Well, in interviewing, your resume is your presentation and the (hopefully) resulting interview is your pitch. This is where her troubles come in, but that is not the meaning of this post. I will further explicate on my advice for her resume in a post to come.

I write all of this to say never know when an opportunity may land in you lap, or in this case, your glass of Pinot Grigio. With the advent of online networking sites, many of us have lost the finesse of real-time, real-world networking. My friend, being the person that she is, shines in any situation and has a power to draw people to her like the proverbial moth to a flame. But most of us do not think or care that people may be watching and it is exactly those people that could hold the key to your career in their hands.


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